EVENT HALL “InfoProstranstvo” is pleased to invite you and your company to take part in a unique project LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM, which is a new original format of an international lingerie, swimwear, homewear, and hosiery trade show.

Among visitors you will see business owners, managing directors, and buyers who represent wholesale and retail trade companies in this segment.
Special programme and technology of inviting buyers will attract from 1000 to 2000 industry specialists.

Various events are planned to promote LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM and attract professional visitors, including:
1. Advertising and PR campaigns in mass media:

•	TV
•	specialized magazines 
•	business magazines
•	specialized websites
•	information portals on exhibitions

2. Intensive direct mailing and telemarketing.
3. Placement of information about LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM in Moscow, where industry specialists can be encountered.
4. Promotional events:

•	special conditions of accommodation at hotels within walking distance from the venue in the historical centre of Moscow
•	diverse entertainment events
•	original design and technical solutions for showroom merchandising
•	special surprise gifts

5. Presentations and business meetings at lingerie events preceding the show-forum.


1. EVENT HALL “InfoProstranstvo” was specifically constructed to hold fashion events that require all the elements of the space – entrance, hall interior, exhibition stands, furniture, equipment, and lighting – to act as bearers of brand communication and submit to the idea of unified stylistic and aesthetic expression in order to draw maximum attention to fashion products.
2. The stand’s unique construction creates an atmosphere of a VIP boutique, which allows visitors to be more focused on your products. This is achieved by the ability to brand any surface within the stand with fabric banners, built-in clothing bracket holders, as well as saturated white and yellow light over the entire area of the stand.
3. Professional GALA fashion show with VIPs and daily fashion shows for buyers held in a hall in the heart of LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM have a level of technical equipment, directing, lingerie models, photo and video shooting, which is not inferior to international Fashion Weeks.
4. Highly effective service of stand 3D design with their subsequent turnkey setup.
5. The Organizer offers professional solutions to improve the level of product display on the stands, fashion shows, and advertising, which increases the quantity of your orders. Formed package offers at an attractive price make them affordable for various exhibitors.
6. Lack of many-sided bureaucracy – the venue, the Organizer, and the developer are represented by the same company.
7. The opportunity to lower exhibiting costs by decreasing stand area by 10-15% due to multi-level placement of products on stand walls and the availability of public areas in the vicinity of the stand.

Materials presented on our website will let you appreciate the upcoming event at its true value and make a conscious decision to participate in the exclusive international project LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM.