February 22-24, 2016 at Lingerie Show-Forum all visitors can get acquainted with a new participant: the company on manufacture of women’s underwear GAIA (stand №18-2). GAIA was founded in Poland in 1998 and thanks to a well-matched team of designers and engineers. It quickly gained recognition not only in Polish market but also abroad. Design of GAIA lingerie is really original and attractive. Developers of the brand take care about the high quality of a wide range of lingerie.

All models are designed in the company Design Studio, based on the latest computer programs. This system improves the design of the underwear. GAIA products are made from the best material, which is procured in France, Italy, Spain, also creating lingerie it is used the latest technologies, machines and equipment. GAIA lingerie is divided into two collections GAIA INTIMO and GAIA CLASSIC.

GAIA INTIMO collection designed for the bold, elegant women and is associated with the latest fashion trends. Clients are guaranteed total comfort while emphasizing individuality and femininity. In the manufacture of linen it is used original slim knit, unique embroidery and lace that will change every woman.

GAIA CLASSIC it is lingerie for women who choose comfort and traditional design. Wide range of sizes will meet the desire of the most demanding customer. For example, women with a large bust can choose for themselves the most convenient, beautiful and sexy lingerie.