From 22 till 24 February at booth 20 it will be presented the Romanian company JOLIDON. The company produces underwear and swimwear JOLIDON. It was founded in 1993 and a year later they released their first collection of lingerie.

Since that time, JOLIDON begins to actively conquer lingerie market. In 2001 JOLIDON appears in Hungary, Italy and after in France. In 2004 JOLIDON attached large Romanian company Argos SA with a huge staff of employees, also under her control moved textile enterprise LCS Conf SA.

 The retail stores and franchise boutiques chain is definitely large. In the European market the company is represented by 55 shops in Romania, 35 in Italy, 29 in France and 3 shops in Hungary.

Great popularity of the company provides a combination price- design- quality. Unique collections of the brand JOLIDON meet the latest trends of the fashion world, and it makes the brand very popular all over the world.