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10.00 Opening
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Homewear
13.00-14.00 Master class “How to behave properly during inspections by supervisory authorities”
  • What is the attention paid to during an inspection.
• How to behave if a supervisor exceeds his authority.
• What questions should be answered and what should be kept silent.
• How to prepare yourself for interrogation at the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate, etc.
  Saida Abdullabekova – a highly qualified specialist in the field of jurisprudence, who perfectly and intelligibly knows how to explain complex information and provides legal services mainly to individuals.
Attorney Yulia Chumak – member of working groups on labor relations in the Government of the Russian Federation, member of the executive committee of the Trade Union of Lawyers of Russia, provides legal services to both individuals and legal entities.
15.00-15.30 Fashion show — Lingerie
16.00-17.00 Master class “Marketing visual communications in a lingerie and hosiery store”
  • How to build a dialogue between the product and the customer without a seller?
• Which methods of visual communication always give a 100% result in sales growth?  
• How does the Store Merchandising System affect communication with a customer?
  Marina Polkovnikova – the founder of VMC Retail agency, international trainer in visual communications for Fashion retail and merchandising. Author and curator of the educational program “Merchandising and Showcases” of the Institute of Art & image, teacher at the British High School of Design. Permanent speaker of business programs at trade shows CPM Moscow, Euro Shoes, Mos Shoes, Lingerie, CJF.
17.00-17.30 Fashion show — Swimwear
17.30-18.00 Certificate raffle
• Every trade show visitor fills in the participation coupon in the registration area.
• All coupons are placed in the lottery drum.
• Only present visitors and only lingerie industry experts can take part.
• 10 certificates to win:
   50 000 RUB – 1 certificate
   10 000 RUB – 2 certificates
   5 000 RUB – 7 certificates
• The certificate allows to purchase goods only from the exhibitor of Lingerie Show-Forum on February 18-26, 2020 with whom the visitor has never worked before.
19.00-21.00 Lingerie Show-Forum party “Winter-Spring” (by invitation from Partners)
10.00 Opening
11.00-12.00 Master class “What we think about, but rarely use – how to choose the best assortment. Secrets of assortment management”
  • Selection criteria and the specifics of lingerie assortment purchase.
• How to professionally manage the assortment.
• Seasonality and features of the lingerie offer.
• Phases and stages of sorting and consolidation.
• Scenarios for promotions and sales.
• Secrets of discounts and pricing.
• Proven product pricing formula.
  Anatoly Vasilyev – speaker, entrepreneur with 30 years of experience, expert, CEO of PARISCLUB.
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Lingerie
13.00-14.30 Master class “How to develop key resources in 2020: find and get quick performance results from lingerie staff”
  • Actual methods of searching and attracting staff in 2020.
• Effective selection methods in 2020.
• Help a new employee adapt: how, why, results.
• The methodology for evaluating the performance of your staff – a bonus.
  Svetlana Novikova – first business therapist in Russia, founder of STD-consulting.
15.00-16.00 Master class “Bloggers and their place in the system of influencer marketing. Micro- and nanoinfluencing. General recommendations for working with bloggers in the fashion industry”
  • How to avoid mistakes choosing a blogger: selection services, profile analysis and assessment of cooperation prospects.
• Technical task.
• Format and ways to consolidate the agreement.
• Dispatch and creative submission.
• Barter transactions vs. commercial cooperation.

• Efficiency assessment.
  Tatiana Zaitseva – head of the FMCG practice of the PR Partner communications agency. 8 years of experience in communications. At PR Partner Tatiana provides PR support and is responsible for strategic development of such brands as WAHL (beauty tech), Cofix (horeca), SMEG (household appliances), Verba Mayr, Nobel Biocare and many others.
17.00-17.30 Fashion show — Swimwear
19.00-21.00 Lingerie Show “Sweet Dreams”, fashion show; disco (by invitation from Partners)
10.00 Opening
11.00-12.00 Master class “Underwear in the national product traceability system”
  • National product traceability system – what is it and how does it work?
• Current status of testing and implementation of actual and documentary traceability – plan for 2020.
• Underwear – features of this segment of the textile industry in terms of labeling, chipping and documentary traceability.
• What awaits the import of underwear?

• A checklist of main necessary preparatory measures for the importer of underwear.

• Economics of programme implementation costs.

• Combining tax and non-tax regulation in the Russian Federation and the EAEU – current status and vector of development of the process.
  Marina Vakulenko – member of the board of directors of EuroTransExpedition, expert and business consultant in the foreign economic activity industry, member of the German National Logistic Association, member of the expert council of the Committee on Digital Economic and Blockchain Technologies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, practitioner with more than 26 years of industry experience.
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Homewear
13.00-14.30 Lingerie Club special project  “Presentation of a real SHOW-BOUTIQUE. Lingerie SHOW-BOUTIQUE – sells everything!”
  Vladimir Glukhovskiy – CEO of Lingerie Club.
15.00-15.30 Fashion show — FEST
17.00-17.30 Fashion show — Lingerie
18.30-20.00 Beer party “An evening together…” (by invitation from Partners)
19.00-21.00 Moscow bus tour “Bulgakov’s Moscow”
10.00 Opening
11.00-12.00 Master class “Customer service trends in underwear stores”
  • What is important for clients nowadays? How to exceed their expectations?
• Why with so many offers will the client choose you?
• How to attract new and retain regular customers.
• How to arrange work with a client so that he stays with you for a long time.

  Elena Stolyarskaya – chief service specialist at Fashion Consulting Group.
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Lingerie
13.00-14.00 Master class “The psychology of buyer behavior. How to improve business through activity”
  • Emotions are the secret of sales.
• The concept of emotion, special emotional states.
• The hype. Forms of manifestation.
• How the consumer makes a purchasing decision.
• Behavior after purchase. Returns of goods.
• Features of gender behavior.
• Age-related patterns of behavior.

  Anatoly Vasilyev – speaker, entrepreneur with 30 years of experience, expert, CEO of PARISCLUB.
15.00-15.30 Fashion show — GORSENIA
16.00-16.30 Fashion show — MIA-MIA
17.00-17.30 Fashion show — Swimwear
17.30-18.30 Award ceremony  “Honorary exhibitors and visitors of Lingerie Show-Forum”
19.00-21.00 Lingerie Show-Forum party “Among friends” (by invitation from Partners)
10.00 Opening
11.00-12.00 Master class “What HR models will be effective in the lingerie sector in 2020? Staff as the key resource for the existence of your business”
  • Which staff management models exist.
• Which are popular in the lingerie sector and why.
• Which management models are more effective.
• How to build an effective staff management model to obtain the desired results.
• The methodology for evaluating the performance of your staff – a bonus.
  Svetlana Novikova – first business therapist in Russia, founder of STD-consulting.
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Homewear
13.00-14.00 Master class & interview “Fashion marketing in retail using the example of DEN stores chain (Chita). How to competently attract, serve and retain customers”
  • Features of fashion marketing in retail.
• Marketing and system marketing.
• Goals and objectives of marketing. Functions of an entrepreneur and performers.
• Marketing specialists: full-time employees, freelancers, contractors.
• Foundation for successful retail operations: analytics, positioning, assortment policy, marketing strategy.
• Top 10 tools to attract customers to your retail business. What actually works?
• Effective customer service tools in system marketing, which increase purchase conversion by up to 60%. How to help shop assistants sell more and more often.
• Customer retention and return tools that increase sales to existing customers by up to 67%. How to bring customers back to the store.
• Marketing briefings and stages of control.
• Retail marketing system.
  Irina Pishchuk – №1 in fashion marketing and the owner of hosiery, lingerie and clothing stores chain DEN Marina Chuguevskaya (Chita).
15.00-15.30 Fashion show — GORTEKS
16.00-17.00 Master class “Visual merchandising vs. online. How to increase sales and attract new generations to your store”
  • New consumers – new shopping trends.
• How to attract them to your store and sell on a subconscious level.
• VM tricks that will make your store a magnet for customers and increase sales.
• Modern trends in lingerie store design.
  Anna Balandina – the founder and the head of the Agency of visual communications VM Guru ( One of the leading experts of the Russian market in commercial visual merchandising, curator of the course “Visual merchandising in the fashion industry”, business coach. Master of ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design, Netherlands.
17.00-17.30 Fashion show — Swimwear
18.00-18.30 Fashion show — Lingerie
19.00-21.00 Lingerie Show «Women in the city», fashion show — Sermija; disco (by invitation from Partners)
10.00 Opening
11.00-12.00 Master class “Features of working with different sales channels for a lingerie brand (website, social networks, showroom and marketplaces)”
• When is the time to launch your site?
• Which sales channel should you use to start entering the market?
• What is a marketplace and how to get there?
• What is more profitable for a new brand: online or offline sales?

• Which sales channel is more profitable when you start developing your business in the lingerie sector?

Kristina Karyaeva – CEO and owner of the BAZZARO brand, expert on the launch and production management. Practicing organizer of business processes from production to marketing of products.
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Homewear
13.00-14.30 Lingerie Club special project “Expanding product range of a lingerie boutique in complementary sectors”
  Vladimir Glukhovskiy – CEO of Lingerie Club.
15.00-16.00 Master class “How digital technologies transform shopping experience in underwear stores”
• Digital transformation of fashion business.
• How to get the effect from communication and sales on social networks.
• Omnichannel service.
• How to implement new technologies.

Natalya Chichenova – chief expert in business technologies for retail at Fashion Consulting Group.
16.00-16.30 Fashion show — SAPPH
17.00-17.30 Fashion show — Lingerie
18.30-20.00 Beer party “Women about men, men about women” (by invitation from Partners)
19.00-21.00 Moscow bus tour “Architect Giuseppe Giovanni Beauvais and his great creations”
10.00 Opening
11.00-12.00 Master class “Business marketing strategy. How to develop a work plan for marketing tools for the season and implement it as efficiently as possible”
  • The concept of marketing for entrepreneurs and executives.
• Marketing vs. marketing system.
• Major mistakes in fashion marketing.
• Functions and tasks of the company’s marketing.
• The foundation for developing a marketing strategy.
• Step-by-step instructions for forming a marketing strategy for the season.
• People responsible for the development and implementation of the strategy.
• Tasks of marketing specialists. Fashion world specifics. Staff vs. freelance and outsourcing.
• Monitoring the implementation of marketing strategies.
• Building a work system.
  Irina Pishchuk – №1 in fashion marketing, expert in marketing systems, author of two books on marketing, CEO of the Academy of Fashion Marketing.
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Lingerie
13.00-14.00 Master class “Starting an online lingerie business”
  • Approach to Internet marketing: end-to-end analytics and sales funnel.
• Analysis of generated demand: Yandex and Google.
• Semantic design: brands and products.
• Online lingerie store: quick launch and sales.
• Q&A.
  Dmitry Vaganov – CEO of the integrated internet marketing agency Marketing UP.
15.00-16.30 Master class “Bra fitting as the latest achievement of Internet technologies”
  • We offer not what you like, but what fits well.
• We not only lift your boobs, but also your mood.
• Better less, but better. Meet by clothes, see off by mind.
  Lidia Kotsyukevich – bra fitter of All Russia.
17.00-17.30 Fashion show — Swimwear
19.00-21.00 Lingerie Show “Kelly`s Gang”, fashion show; disco (by invitation from Partners)
10.00 Opening
11.00-12.00 Master class in public talk style “All the necessary and sufficient for a successful retail store in the XYZ era”
  Let’s talk about the “sensitive stuff”. This is not a master class. There is no teacher. We are all students in this class of life.
• Here again comes the crisis… a first-person narrative.
• Limiting beliefs or who cares about experience! What prevents us from assimilating and most importantly, putting into practice new knowledge and approaches in business.
• Analysis of the fundamental elements of the store functioning, its main problems and solutions:
1. The concept of the store – from the storefront to the “brand philosophy”.
2. Your “Blue Ocean” – why do we need competitors.
3. Target audience (role models, brand advocates, XYZ) – who they are, how to acquire and keep them.
4. Staff or “dream team“.
• “Trust marketing” – mechanisms and methods of acquiring customers.
  Ilona Chichigina – International Expert in the retail sector with experience since 1994. Best Underwear Retailer of 2019 (CPM and Intimoda). Expert at Lingerie trade show in Paris and Mare d’amare in Florence (Italy) for 11 years. Speaker and participant of retail forums. Vela Moda Intima stores since 2000 (now one of the stores is a multi-brand store in premium segment with an area of 180 sq.m). Top 100 best premium stores in Russia in 2019. In 2005-2010 was a representative of an Italian brand of tights and swimwear in Russia.
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Homewear
13.00-14.00 Lingerie Club special project “Remote interactive advertising in lingerie boutiques”
  Vladimir Glukhovskiy – CEO of Lingerie Club.
14.00-14.30 Fashion show — Miss Rosy
15.00-16.00 Master class “Interaction with bloggers and influencers. Effective solutions for sales growth on Instagram”
  • How to strengthen online sales?
• Why are bloggers not working? Or are you “just not able to cook them”?
• How to maximize return on marketing investments and avoid losses?
• New instagram algorithms and banner blindness make adjustments to the marketing strategy.
  Irina Rubinstein – the founder of RoDaSoleil– smart swimsuits that leave no sunburn. Entrepreneur, business speaker, blogger @averbakh_rubinshteyn.
16.00-17.00 Master class “Why does the lingerie CEO need HR knowledge? Avoiding management failures by creating the right motivation systems”
  • What should and should not be in the staff motivation system in 2020.
• How to count the effectiveness of the motivation system.
• Can a motivation system lead to an increase in company performance.
• Examples of motivation systems.
• The methodology for evaluating the performance of your staff – a bonus.
  Svetlana Novikova – first business therapist in Russia, founder of STD-consulting.
17.00-17.30 Fashion show — Swimwear
18.00-18.30 Fashion show — Lingerie
19.00-21.00 Lingerie Show-Forum party “Musical world” (by invitation from Partners)
10.00 Opening
11.00-12.00 Master class “How to win the battle for the customer: successful lingerie store management strategies”
  • Checklist: 12 signs of inefficient business.
• How to increase the efficiency of the lingerie business.
• Tools to motivate shop assistants to increase sales.
  Maria Gerasimenko – CEO and founder of Fashion Advisers, founder of Clever Fashion company, expert in management and development of fashion business. An expert practitioner in the field of management and development of fashion business. Business coach. The main areas of activity: anti-crisis business management, building business processes in the fashion industry, sales and service management.
12.00-12.30 Fashion show — Mixed
13.00-14.30 Master class “17 ways to add value to the price and not give discounts. Only for smart and greedy business promoters”
  • There is no such thing as “expensive”. And there is no such thing as“cheap”. It might not be clear why something costs so much. And if a person does not understand where such a price comes from, it is your mistake. You did not explain it properly. If the price is perceived as adequate to the value, then it is perceived as fair and is not discussed. And the client does not ask for a discount!
• 17 ways to add value to the price of your product and get rid of questions about the price.
• Generating ideas for one of the participants.
  Iia Imshinetskaya – expert in attracting and retaining customers.
15.00-16.00 Master class “Certification of underwear for customs clearance”
  • Requirements for cargo moving across the border of the Russian Federation.
• Cargo certification. It is important for the consumer that the goods are of high quality.
• Significant changes in certification in 2019.
• Changes in customs clearance due to changes in the confirmation of compliance.
• The main standard that governs the requirements for the production and circulation of clothing in the Customs Union is Technical regulations of the Customs Union 017/2011.
• Making clothing certificates.
  Tatiana Filimonova – director of the customs clearance department of EuroTransExpedition.
17.30-19.00 Beer party “Good luck, friends!” (by invitation from Partners)
19.00-21.00 Moscow bus tour “Romantic spots of Moscow”
This schedule is subject to alterations due to circumstances beyond our control.