Please fill in the registration form below. After completing the registration form you will receive an e-ticket with personal number. Bring the electronic ticket to the trade show and exchange for a badge.

Please note:
Admission to Lingerie Show-Forum is reserved to industry specialists and is free if you present an e-ticket with personal number. Those who have registered on the website, but do not work in the lingerie industry, need to purchase the ticket onsite (it costs 500 RUB).

All visitors planning to use professional photo or video equipment at the trade show need to get accredited.

The Organizer reserves the right to ask for proof that you are a lingerie industry specialist.

Do not hesitate to contact Lingerie Show-Forum head office if you have any questions.

*If possible, do not indicate emails that belong to the server (,,,, because the email may arrive a few hours or even days later or not arrive at all. If you don’t have a different email address, please save the PDF with your e-ticket after you've completed the registration.

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