LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM is a new original format of an international lingerie, swimwear, homewear and hosiery trade show. The 12th session of this unique event will take place on February 17–25, 2021 in EVENT HALL “InfoProstranstvo” in the historical centre of Moscow, 300 m from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and 700 m from the Kremlin, at the following address: 1st Zachatyevskiy lane, 4.
The trade show will be divided into 3 sets according to price segments:
February 17–19, 2021: LOW-MEDIUM / MEDIUM
February 20–22, 2021: MEDIUM / UPPER-MEDIUM
February 23–25, 2021: UPPER-MEDIUM / PREMIUM
This format allows:
– to triple the quantity of exhibitors;
– the exhibitor to feel more comfortable in the appropriate competitive environment;
– the visitor to save time by focusing only on products he/she is interested in;
– to get attention from media and specialists;
– to have a more diverse business programme.
All previous sessions of LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM were a great success and, according to the absolute majority of exhibitors and visitors, set a new aesthetic, organizational and communication standard for trade shows in the lingerie industry, which is reflected in a high level of product display on the stands that look like EXPO BOUTIQUES, professional fashion shows on the catwalk and the inner atmosphere of the space specifically designed to hold fashion events, as well as the prestigious location.
Among exhibitors are leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of lingerie, swimwear, homewear and hosiery.
Among visitors you will see business owners, managing directors and buyers who represent wholesale and retail trade companies in this segment.
A business forum with round tables, seminars and workshops will be held during the 12th session of LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM and will provide exhibitors and visitors with up-to-date information that can help to successfully develop their business.
The visitors can admire DAILY fashion shows that include newest collections of lingerie, seamless lingerie, erotic lingerie, thermal underwear, homewear and swimwear.
Organizers of LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM have prepared an interesting programme of guided tours to the historical centre of Moscow as well as additional business and entertainment programmes for guests, and are also offering special conditions of hotel accommodation within walking distance from the show-forum, right in the centre of the city.
The uniqueness of both the exhibition venue and LINGERIE SHOW-FORUM itself lies in the new level of business partnership that makes it comfortable to dive into the working process, organized using the technologies of the world’s best fashion projects to create ideal conditions for interaction between manufacturer, supplier, seller and buyer.